About Animal Finders' Guide

  Animal Finders' Guide was conceived and started over 30 years ago by my wife, Sharon, some friends, and myself, Pat Hoctor. We started this publication for two main reasons. It was nearly impossible, at that time, to obtain the information to humanely and profitably, captively raise wildlife. The second major reason was the drastic difference in prices of animals throughout our country. This made it hard for breeders to show a profit. We felt that those raising these animals must make a profit so that they might be able to continue.

Since the world is loosing natural habitat daily, it is our belief that the last hope before extinction for many animal species is captive breeding.

We are extremely dedicated to the concept of small, family farms. It is my opinion that this is the "great American dream" - a little place in the country to call our own where you can make a living, surrounding yourself with nature and family.

We believe the most important crop raised on family farms is the children who grow up to become honest, hardworking, caring citizens, loving family and nature more than themselves.

Sharon and I have raised hundreds of exotic cats such as lions, tigers, ligers, cougars, leopards, jaguars, bobcats, servals, jungle cats, caracals, and many others. We have raised several hundred rare sheep such as Shetlands, Black Welsh Mountain, mouflon, and barbados. There have been many other species raised on our farm such as sika, whitetail, fallow and muntjac deer, Sicilian donkeys, mules, and horses. There were belted Gallaway, Scottish Highland, and Irish Dexter cattle. There were many primates such as pygmy and common marmosets; cotton top tamarins; ringtail, brown, and red lemurs; celebese, liontail, stumptail, rhesus, and snow macaques; hamadryas and olive baboons; several types of capuchins; squirrel and spider monkeys; Singalese and greater galigos, and DeBrazza's monkeys. We have had kinkajous and binturongs, wolves and wolf hybrids, coyotes and fox, llamas and guanacos, pygmy goats, India blue peacocks, swans, geese, ducks, and many types of reptiles, fish in fifteen ponds and lots more species of wildlife too numerous to mention. We have been there and done that!

For several years I acted as a broker and dealer, relocating and transporting animals to new homes from zoos and importers. Thousands of these animals are now happy and reproducing.

For awhile I traveled to large game parks and huge private facilities, capturing surplus hooved stock with tranquilizing guns and capture nets hundreds of feet long. I once was even called to bring a crew into the swamps to capture a band of several hundred large monkeys so they wouldn't have to be destroyed by the authorities. Many of them were then transported to our facility, medicated, fed a proper diet, and brought back into good shape. Then most of these were relocated back to within ten miles of where they were originally captured, but where they could live a quality life.

We are animal people! We don't just write about wildlife - they are an intricate part of our everyday life.

The Animal Finders' Guide was started to help animal owners and their animals. It started that way and still continues that way. The Animal Finders' Guide is a publication where owners, buyers, and sellers of rare domestic and zoological animals come together for needed information.

We are in our 30th year of publication. We have thousands of paid subscribers. Sample copies are sent out often to pertinent businesses, such as animal auctions, trade shows, and pet shops to encourage subscriptions. We average 24 pages per issue. The paper is approximately 8 by 10.5 inches. We have many classified ads, display ads, and articles. The paper is printed on a web press. It is B/W and color. We have subscribers in all fifty states, Canada, Mexico, and several overseas countries. The paper is sent out by first class mail to all subscribers twelve times per year. All subscribers receive twelve issues for a one year subscription price, starting when they subscribe. Our mailing schedule is the first of each month. If this date happens to fall on a Sunday or a holiday, then we mail the next possible mailing day.

If you are interested in obtaining and raising wildlife or fancy domestics and want to be good to your animals and fair to people, then ours is the publication for you.

In your service,
Pat Hoctor
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